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Giulia Civardi is a curator and writer based in London, UK.

She provides support structures for artists and cultural workers through exhibitions, commissions, writing and editorial projects, creating learning spaces and networks, and bringing their work to diverse communities.

She has delivered numerous exhibitions, artists' commissions, public programmes, and collaborative research projects internationally. Her exhibitions and research have been presented at Tate Modern, Rupert Centre for Art and Education, Kunstraum London, Exo Exo, Garp Sessions, Galerie In Situ, Nicoletta Fiorucci Foundation, Clima Gallery Milan, and Gianni Manhattan. She was one of the selected participants of the Barbican Emerging Film Curators Lab (2020) and the founder of Grey Cube 113︎︎︎(2016-2017).

She is currently Curator and Collection Manager at the Nicoletta Fiorucci Foundation, where she devises and produces interdisciplinary art projects and commissions, while leading the research & development of the collection with a focus on advancing emerging artists and overlooked perspectives in contemporary art and design.

Giulia also organises projects independently, most recently the exhibition shifting the silence at Gianni Manhattan, Vienna as part of Curated By 2023. She is part of the Curatorial Team of DEMO Moving Image︎︎︎ and a member of AWI︎︎︎—the first autonomous, non-partisan association in Italy to build ethical, contractual, and legal tools to protect art workers—where she has been researching and reporting on sustainable models of cultural governance.

As a writer, she regularly contributes texts to various publications, projects, galleries and cultural organisations. Her written work has appeared in Flash Art, this is tomorrow, and NERO Editions and has been published internationally.


                               “nameless and formless, about to be birthed, but already felt” A. L